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Prestige Gutters & Exteriors has a great expertise and variety of soffit and fascia system installation. Our suppliers and providers are the most prestigious, well known and recognized brands in the market, our company takes pride on quality and customers satisfaction. We know that soffit and fascia are some of the most important factors on the facade of your beautiful home. Soffit is the horizontal area underneath a roof overhang, and fascia is the vertical face of the edge of a roof. Any handy person can have success installing this stuff, but your experience depends on understanding the challenges involved and the steps you take to avoid the three-main aluminum soffit and fascia pitfalls:

  1. The first problem we encounter is reliably if don’t attach the aluminum fascia properly water can get behind the aluminum and causing the roof edge to get wet and rot the wood fascia behind it.
  2. The second is to make proper cuts to allow for aluminum’s unstoppable habit of freely expand and contract with changes in temperature.
  3. The third issue involves securing fascia with the appropriate hardware and tools so it withstands every kind of harsh weather that comes along.

We will be more than happy to assist you with any exterior job you have, and we will use our expertise and passion for excellence to complete a perfect soffit and fascia system for your new or existing home.

We know how important it is for you to have a distinctive touch of colour, design and style on your house therefore we treat every customer as a unique case and personalize their profiles according to their needs, and we know how important it is to you to have a distinctive house.

Installing aluminum soffit and fascia on your projects is the best option when you are looking for elegance and durability. Aluminum’s properties is to protect the wood and facias of your house from rot, decay and other damaging factors. Aluminum is also non-corrosive, and it represents an excellent weatherproof choice. When you install aluminum soffit and fascia is the most cost efficient and reliable selection for your house since you will not have to worry about the maintenance of your system. This material shows efficiency and reliability.

Aluminum, Wood Fascia and Smart Trim Installation

Aluminum Fascia and Cedar or Pine Shingles

Cedar and Pine Shingles

Wood Fascia And Smart Trim

smart trim and Fascia boards

Wood soffit and fascia are the most elegant options when you want to give that modern and distinctive look to your new or exiting house or renovation. Once the roof is on, you can start the fascia/soffit installation, ideally before the shingles or other roofing material go on. The most common materials we find are pine, ply and cedar. Different finishes/variations of the soffit can be achieved more commonly flat plain plywood is used although tongue and groove boards can be used or even battens with a spacing in between. In that instance mesh is used to stop birds or anything else getting into the roof space. Fascia will offer your house a natural elegance and a distinctive look. The fascia we install comes in 6 colours. Eave fascia covers the exposed ends of the rafters of the roof and the top of exterior walls immediately below the roofline. This type of fascia board is typically flat and/or without decorative detail to form a smooth backing for gutters.

Gable fascia is attached to edges formed by the triangular upper part of a wall closing the end of a ridged roof. Decorated or detailed gable fascia is used to enhance a home’s exterior.

While fascia is still made of wood and composite wood products, popular materials for fascia boards or fascia panels are aluminum and vinyl. This is largely due to the fact that aluminum and vinyl fascia can be manufactured to mimic wood grain, without the hassles of wood, such rotting, splitting or mold. They have a 10 year warranty, and they are eco-friendly because the materials used to build them are 100% renewable.

By choosing wood soffit and fascia on your project it will increase the market value of your house and at the same time your investment. Specially in Kelowna and the Okanagan where the market keeps growing constantly with the construction booming and beautiful properties built every day.

Whether you choose aluminum or wood soffit or fascia, we can offer you top quality installation services and products, because perfection is our last name.  We do not leave a job site until the customer is satisfied and we provide warranties for workmanship and installation up to to years after we completed a job that’s how confident we are, and our reputation precedes us among many exterior companies in this region. Please give us a call for your soffit and fascia projects or renovations, and you will see the professionalism and value at every step we take because we love what we do and care about our customers.

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