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You should replace your old eavestrough system not only to protect your home from damaging your wood facias, foundation and walls but to enhance its appearance. At Prestige Gutters & Exteriors we provide continuous gutters built in a multi-profile gutter machine which is the leading technology among many gutter machine systems in North America and the best part about this machine is that is proudly made in British Columbia Canada. A continuous or seamless 5” fascia style gutter is a better built and designed gutter system that like its name says, do not have seams or it my have only one on very long runs, compared to the older system that had seems every 10’ or 12’ feet and its depth is only 4” depending on the brand increasing the chances of leakage and clogging. So, do not wait any longer improve the look and value of your house with a complete gutter make over.  Our gutters come in a variety of colors to match the walls or style of your house, as well as the ability to cover the complete area of your home. If you choose our company for your eavestrough needs, we will focus on your complete satisfaction by installing a topnotch gutter system that will give your home that modern look that every beautiful home deserves.


This is how Our Gutters Systems Look Like

002.1.jpgGutter Picture BY Nasser

We can meet all of your home improvement needs whether it’s a minor repair, major remodeling or light commercial work.

Gutter Installation Services

We are proud to offer the most detailed gutter services in the Okanagan due that we treat every customer as a family member and give special attention and job assessment according to their needs if you are looking for top of the line products and excellent customer service you have come to the right place. At Prestige Gutters & Exteriors, we specialize in exterior services, and we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best gutter services in the Okanagan. By choosing our company you can be sure  to receive quality and professionalism. We offer your gutter system the best because we work only with the most prestigious suppliers and vendors, allowing you to save time and money. We offer products that will last a life time with zero or minimal maintenance. You will get an outstanding service, because we are experts at what we do and all of our jobs and projects are followed and supervised by the owner or one of our crew leaders that will motivate our employees working with them side by side and making sure the job complies with quality and time frames. We will work so hard on your project, that in many occasions we complete the job before the expected time “What a shame right?” And we won’t stop until we surpass the project with quality and excellence. Our professional team posses the knowledge and expertise to answer all your questions and provide you with the most accurate and economical solution for your project. Did we mentioned our technicians love what they do? to work with passion and clarity. Yes, they do. We can provide a free quote for your gutter job, proper assessment and guidance on your project step by step whether is new house, upgrade or exterior renovation.

Gutter Repairs

“No job is too big, no job is too small” Our customers always call requesting our services for many reasons; whether they call to get their  gutters re-attached to the fascia board, or to replace rotten wood fascias by water damage, replace or fix  damaged down pipes and gutter systems, fix leaky seems, corners and re-sloping gutters for proper drainage or all of the above. Prestige Gutters & Exteriors is always here 24/7 to provide you with the best materials, quick and detailed work that you can count on as well as an excellent customer service. We can do any type of gutter repair and our services have the best warranty in town.

Gutter Cleaning


Gutter Cleaning clogged.jpg#2




At Prestige Gutters & Exteriors we specialize on gutter cleaning and always thinking about customer safety first, by hiring our professionals you can avoid a dangerous task of your list. Our lives are very precious to put them in jeopardy just to save a few dollars on our bank. Allow our professionals to come to your house asses your gutters and provide a detailed and guaranteed gutter cleaning service like no other in town and as a complement, we will inspect your complete gutter system for free on things like: damaged drop outlets, missing screws or hangers, leaky seams and corners and detached gutters and downpipes. By doing this thoroughly check up on the gutter system we will be able to foreseen problems instantly and before they happen, allowing you to save time, money and most important avoid bigger problems in the future.

Gutter Guard Installation

BY choosing this innovative service, also called (leaf guard) you are making a wise decision, because you will be protecting your gutter system from changing weather conditions and damaging factors like: Snow and ice in the winter time and leaves, dirt and other gutter clogging materials in the fall season this gutter guard systems help by keeping the above mentioned factors away from your gutters and water drainage systems. With the gutter guard installation on your home’s gutter system you will save time and money by not having to call a gutter cleaning or repair company in the future but the best part is that they cannot be seen from the ground, thus they will not ruin the look and style of your home’s gutter system. There are many types of gutter guard systems but we only work with the best and most reliable systems. We will show you couple of the most common and on demand products.

Aluminium Rigid Gutter Guard

Aluminium Rigid Gutter Guard

Filter Flow Gutter Guard System

Filter Flow Gutter systems

We understand gutter cleaning is a tedious, risky and a tiring task that we all just want to take off of our list, but no matter how much we hate it there is no way around it. The more time we post pone it, the bigger chance our gutters get damaged, clogged and specially on winter or rainy seasons, when we see the gutters overflowing or leaking at the seams or corners. Therefore do not post pone it any more. Contact Prestige Gutters & Exteriors to have your gutters professionally cleaned and repaired. Instead enjoy your free time at the safety of your house with the people you love. We offer the most detailed and dedicated work you can expect from a gutter cleaning and repair company in the Okanagan. We do not rush our service like many companies do instead we take the time to  explain step by step all the process to our customers, we show the before and after pictures to give them peace of mind. Do not wait any more. call us now!  for a complete free estimate and a thorough  assessment.